Coffee Candy by Rhian Shellshear

Coffee Candy by Rhian Shellshear

Coffee Candy by Rhian Shellshear

Hazelnut Sable:

100g sugar
150g butter
250g flour
50g hazelnut powder
50g whole egg
2.5g baking powder
3g salt


– Beat butter and sugar until white
– Slowly incorporate whole eggs
– Add all other ingredients until combined
– Block up in plastic and place in the fridge
– Pin out and cut with a biscuit cutter
– Line the ring and bake at 160oC for 12mins until golden brown

Pear Caramel:

100g sugar
100g glucose
50g cream
50g pear puree
100g butter
3g salt


– Combine sugar and glucose in a pot with a small amount of water
– Combine cream and puree together in a pot and bring to the boil
– Bring sugar to caramel 184oC and de-glaze with cream
– Slowly add butter and season
– Bring to 110oC
– Cool and store in a piping bag

Pear Cream:

150g pear diced
100g pear juice
75g butter
2g salt


– Cook pear in pear juice until juice has evaporated
– Add butter and blend, season and reserve in a piping bag until cooled

Roasted Hazelnut Mousse:

80g roasted hazelnut
3g gelatin
50g egg white
100g sugar
6g salt
200g cream


– Roast hazelnuts, cool and blend into a powder
– Soak gelatin
– Whip cream to soft peak
– Place egg white and soak gelatin into the mixer
– Put sugar and a small amount of water up to 118oC
– Pour over whipping egg whites and whip until stiff
– Fold hazelnuts through meringue, season
– Fold in cream and reserve in a piping bag


10g roasted hazelnuts (split) and grate the rest
5g wood sorrel


– Pipe pear caramel on the bottom
– Pipe the pear cream on top of the caramel
– Freeze until cream is set
– Pipe hazelnut mousse onto
– Dust the grated hazelnuts around the edge
– Place split hazelnuts on top with the wood sorrel


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