Tagetes och Plommon av Rhian Shellshear

Johan Heibert - tisdag, oktober 03, 2017
Marigold and Plum dessert by Rhian Shellshear
(Tagetes och Plommon)

Marigold Sorbet

10g spinach
20g marigold
310g milk
90g cream
40g sugar
50g glucose

Method –

- Blend everything together in a blender at 60oC
- Strain and churn in a ice cream machine
- Place in the bottom of the mould and freeze

Marigold Meringue

Marigold Syrup –
50g marigold
200g sugar
200g water

Method –

- Place hot sugar syrup over fresh marigold and allow to infuse for 3 hours

Marigold Vinegar

50g marigold
50g apple vinegar

Method –

- Place marigold in vinegar and allow to infuse for 2 days before using

Marigold Meringue

100g egg white
6g gelatin
100g marigold syrup (123oC)
50g sugar

Method –

- Soak gelatin
- Place egg white and gelatin in mixer
- Put sugar and syrup in a pot and bring to 123oC
- Pour onto the whipping egg whites and gelatin
- Allow to whip until cold
- Mould in the mould after the ice cream and freeze

Fresh Plum

Fresh Sour Plums

Method –

- Slice thinly on a mandolin
- Arrange on top of the ice cream once de-moulded

Marigold Oil

30g spinach
50g marigold
300g oil

Method –

- Blend everything together in a blender at 60oC, strain then freeze for 3 hours
- Pour off the oil leaving the scrap

Fresh Marigold

Picked Marigold

Method –

- Sort and keep in a container until needed

Plum Gel

113g plum juice
40g vinegar
20g sugar
4g pectin
120g glucose

Method –

- Put everything in a pot and bring to the boil
- Reserve and cool

Montage -

- De-mould ice cream/meringue and place on the plate
- Arrange the plum on top of the ice cream and glaze with the plum gel
- Place marigold leaves on top of the plum
- Drizzle some oil around the mould

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