Fermented berries and Cream Cheese

Johan Heibert – måndag, december 18, 2017

Cream Cheese Foam:

375g of cream cheese
75g cream
25g sugar
17.5g tapioca starch
45g egg yolk
20ml lemon thyme vinegar


- Cook cream cheese, cream, sugar and tapioca together until it boils
- Pour over egg yolks and cook out to 82oC add vinegar after and mix
- Place into a syphon
- Charge with two cream chargers
- Keep warm in a water bath at 40oC

Strawberry Gel:

200g fermented strawberry
200g strawberry juice
100g sugar
4.5g agar agar


- Mix sugar with agar agar and whisk into liquids
- Bring to the boil
- Pour onto a flat surface no thicker than 2mm, allow to set then cut with a biscuit cutter
- Reserve in the fridge

Strawberry Powder

50g dried strawberry


- Blend dried strawberry’s into a powder

Berry Ice Cream:

100g strawberry juice
100g fermented strawberry
100g fermented red currents
50g glucose
25g cream
25g raspberry cream


- Place everything together into a pot
- Bring to the boil and stick blend to emulsify properly
- Place into pac jet containers and freeze
- Churn after frozen
- Spread into mould and freeze again
- De-mould and reserve

Buckwheat Crumb:

50g buckwheat
50g flour
50g sugar
50g butter


- Mix sugar and butter together until combined
- Add buckwheat flour and flour and mix until a small crumble is formed
- Bake at 180oC for 8 mins until golden brown

Fresh Lemon Thyme

1 stalk fresh lemon thyme


- Pick and reserve


- Place crumble in a biscuit cutter same size as the mould on the plate
- Place the de-moulded ice cream on top of the crumble
- Place gel on top of the ice cream
- Dust with strawberry powder
- Pipe cream cheese foam in the center
- Place picked lemon thyme on top

Mould used: Insert Decor Round


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Sourdough by Rhian Shellshear

Johan Heibert – måndag, november 27, 2017
Sourdough Dessert

Sourdough Ice Cream:

20g sourdough
300g milk
150g cream
100g apple fermented
30g sugar
70g glucose
3g salt


- Roast sourdough until golden brown and blend
- Add everything together in a pot and bring to a simmer
- Blend everything in a blender and strain
- Place in a ice cream churner and mix until set
- Place into rectangular mould and freeze

Sourdough Cream:

150g yoghurt
300g cream
75g icing sugar
20g sourdough
3g gelatin
4g salt


- Roast sourdough until golden brown and blend
- Bloom gelatin
- Put a little bit of the cream and bloomed gelatin in a pot and melt
- Whisk everything together until stiff peak
- Place into rectangular mould and freeze
- Store remainder in a piping bag

Pan Fried Sourdough:

¼ loaf of sourdough
100g butter


- Blend frozen loaf in a blender to a crumb
- Pan fry bread crumb in butter
- Once golden, strain and dry on paper towel
Apple Ferment

6 apples
80g sugar


- Juice 4 apples and strain apple juice through a cheese cloth
- Cut up remaining apples and store in apple juice
- Add sugar and hold in a glass container
- Allow to ferment at room temperature 30oC for 3 weeks

Apple Ferment Gel:

250g apple fermented liquid
50g water
4 agar agar
30ml apple vinegar (to blend to gel)


- Boil water and agar agar
- Pour and blend together with apple liquid
- Allow to cool in the fridge
- Blend again once set and store in a squeeze bottle

Grilled Apple:

6 pc grilled apple
100ml apple ferment liquid
20g brown butter
2g salt


- Peel apples and grill on charcoal grill
- Place liquids and apple in a vac-pac bag and vac on full
- Resereve in the fridge for a few hours before using

Fresh Tarragon:

1 Tarragon bunch


- Pick and clean tarragon and reserve in a container


- Place crumb on the bottom side of the ice cream
- Slice then heat up the apple in the oven
- De-mould and place ice cream on the plate
- Place warm apple in the center
- De-mould cream and place on the corner of the ice cream
- Pipe small dots of gel and cream
- Place tarragon randomly around

Mould used: Insert decor Square

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Tagetes och Plommon av Rhian Shellshear

Johan Heibert – tisdag, oktober 03, 2017
Marigold and Plum dessert by Rhian Shellshear
(Tagetes och Plommon)

Marigold Sorbet

10g spinach
20g marigold
310g milk
90g cream
40g sugar
50g glucose

Method –

- Blend everything together in a blender at 60oC
- Strain and churn in a ice cream machine
- Place in the bottom of the mould and freeze

Marigold Meringue

Marigold Syrup –
50g marigold
200g sugar
200g water

Method –

- Place hot sugar syrup over fresh marigold and allow to infuse for 3 hours

Marigold Vinegar

50g marigold
50g apple vinegar

Method –

- Place marigold in vinegar and allow to infuse for 2 days before using

Marigold Meringue

100g egg white
6g gelatin
100g marigold syrup (123oC)
50g sugar

Method –

- Soak gelatin
- Place egg white and gelatin in mixer
- Put sugar and syrup in a pot and bring to 123oC
- Pour onto the whipping egg whites and gelatin
- Allow to whip until cold
- Mould in the mould after the ice cream and freeze

Fresh Plum

Fresh Sour Plums

Method –

- Slice thinly on a mandolin
- Arrange on top of the ice cream once de-moulded

Marigold Oil

30g spinach
50g marigold
300g oil

Method –

- Blend everything together in a blender at 60oC, strain then freeze for 3 hours
- Pour off the oil leaving the scrap

Fresh Marigold

Picked Marigold

Method –

- Sort and keep in a container until needed

Plum Gel

113g plum juice
40g vinegar
20g sugar
4g pectin
120g glucose

Method –

- Put everything in a pot and bring to the boil
- Reserve and cool

Montage -

- De-mould ice cream/meringue and place on the plate
- Arrange the plum on top of the ice cream and glaze with the plum gel
- Place marigold leaves on top of the plum
- Drizzle some oil around the mould

Formen som används heter Square Sphere:

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Sour milk and dill dessert by Rhian Shellshear

Johan Heibert – torsdag, september 28, 2017

Sour milk and dill dessert by Rhian Shellshear
(Filmjölk och dill)

Sour Milk Sorbet

310g sour milk
90g cream
40g sugar
50g glucose

Method –

- Heat everything together in a saucepan to 60oC to melt the sugar
- Place in the ice cream machine and churn
- Mould in quenelle mould

Dill Panacotta

250g milk
250g cream
50g sugar
9g gelatin
70g dill
2g gel espresso

Method –

- Bloom gelatin
- Blend cream, spinach and sugar together in a blender to 60oC and add gelatin for 5 minutes
- Blend milk and dill in a blender at 40oC for 3 minutes
- Strain both and add together, blend with gel espressa
- Cool and place in a syphon and charge
- Reserve in the fridge until needed

Crown Dill

Picked Crown Dill

Method –

- Sort and keep in a container until needed


Fresh Blackberries

Method –

- Sort and keep in a container until needed

125g flour
250ml milk
25g butter
1 ½ egg
100ml egg
50g caster sugar
2g salt
4g fennel pollen

Method –

- Blend everything together
- Fry thin in a frying pan and place the crepes in a dehydrator overnight at 60oC to get crispy
- Break up and reserve

Black Current Powder

200g Black Current Juice
100g glucose
100g sugar
4g agar agar

Method –

- Blend everything together
- Bring to the boil
- Spread out on silpats and dry at 60oC until dry
- Blend into a powder and reserve

Montage -

- Place broken crepe on plate
- Place quenelle on top of the crepe
- Pipe out syphon next to the quenelle
- Place blackberries around the charged syphon
- Place crown dill on top of the charged pannacotta
- Dust a little bit of the blackberry powder on the plate
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autumn currents

Johan Heibert – torsdag, augusti 31, 2017
Rhian Shellshears
autumn currents

Black Current Leaf Sorbet:

100g black current leaf syrup
300g water
50g glucose
20g spinach
10g black current leafs

- Blend everything in a thermo at 60oC for 5 mins
- Strain and place in ice cream machine and churn until set
- Place into small sphere mould and freeze

Yoghurt Mousse:

300g yoghurt
50g egg white
50g glucose
50g sugar
20g water
300g cream
4.5g gelatin

- Soak gelatin
- Whip cream to soft peak
- Place egg whites in mixer
- Cook sugar’s together with water to 118oC
- Pour it over whipping egg whites until stiff
- Add melted gelatin to yoghurt
- Fold in meringue into yoghurt then fold in cream
- Fill mould with yoghurt mousse then place in sorbet from mould

Yoghurt Crumble:

150g yoghurt
40g black current puree

- Cook yoghurt on stove top until all liquid is gone
- Add puree and cook again until dry
- Dehydrate in dehydrator at 60oC
- Blend into a powder and reserve

Yoghurt Chips:

200g yoghurt
20g black current puree
40g sugar
2g agar agar

- Bring yoghurt on stove top with puree, sugar and agar to the boil
- Spread out on silpats and dry in the at 62oC over night
- Place in a container and reserve

Fresh Black Current:

100g Picked fresh black currents

- Pick black currents and reserve

Black Current Leaf Powder:

10g black current leaf

- Dry leafs and blend into a powder
- Reserve powder

Black Current Oil:

30g black current leaf
10g spinach
150g oil

- Place everything in thermo mixer and blend at 60oC for 5 minutes
- Strain and place in freezer until solids are frozen on the bottom
- Strain and reserve oil

Montage –
- Place a small amount of yoghurt crumble of the plate
- De-mould the sphere and place on a frozen tray
- Mould yoghurt sheets around the sphere by hand so the break into small shards around the mould
- Place the moulded sphere onto the yoghurt
- Place black currents onto the yoghurt sphere
- Drizzle oil around mould
- Dust with black current leaf powder

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Sour Cream and Honey av Rhian Shellshear

Johan Heibert – fredag, augusti 18, 2017

Sour Cream and Honey

Sour Cream and Fresh Cheese:

Fresh Cheese 250g
Sour Cream 500g
250g Sugar Syrup
4.5g Gelatin

Sugar Syrup –
Sugar 150g
Glucose 50g
Whey 100g


- Make sugar syrup and reserve
- Heat the required amount of sugar syrup and melt gelatin
- Blend everything together and churn in a ice cream machine
- Place in the mould and freeze

Violet Caramel:

Honey 120g
Violet Cream 80g (violets frozen in cream)
Milk 20g
Butter 80g
Bi-carb Soda 1g


- Bring honey to 190oC
- Add bi-carb soda
- De-glaze with cream and milk
- Slowly add butter
- Bring to 110oC
- Allow to cool and reserve in a piping bag

Honey Comb:

Honey 37.5g
Glucose 60g
Sugar 200g
Water 50g
Bi-Carb Soda 2g


- Place everything except the bi-carb in a pot and bring to 190oC
- Add bi-carb and stir a few times with the whisk
- Pour into a cardboard box lined with baking paper
- Once cooled slice into thin slices

Fresh Herbs and Condiments:

5g Spanish Chervil
25g Fennel
2g Bee Pollen
2g Wild Violet


- Peel Fennel and slice
- Pick Violets and Chervil and reserve
- Reserve bee pollen


- Pipe caramel on plate
- Place bee pollen on the plate
- De-mould the ice cream and place on top
- Place fresh herbs and honey comb on the ice cream


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Granskott och svarta vinbär av Daniel Windelhed

Johan Heibert – fredag, juni 09, 2017

Recept (English below)

2 st gelatinblad(brons)
500g vatten
125g socker
125g glykos
100g Granskott
Spenat för en grönare färg

Blötlägg gelatinet
Koka upp en sockerlag på socker, vatten och glykos. Ta åt sidan och lägg i gelatinet. Låt svalna till 55°C och lägg i granskotten. Låt dra i kyl över natten. Sila bort granskotten och mixa i spenat för grönare färg. Sila igen och frys / kör i glassmaskin.

100g svartvinbärs puré
1g agar agar
Iskall matolja

Koka upp purén och sila av.
Koka sedan upp igen med agar agar
Droppa purén i kall olja från frysen.
Använd en pipett eller en caviar-box för att få små runda fina romkorn.

Brynt smörsnö
100g smör
20g granskott

Bryn smör med granskott.
Sila bort granskotten och mixa det brynta smöret med maltodextrinet till bra konsistens och smak.
Kaviarburk hittar du här

Spruce shoots sorbet
2 gelatin leaf (bronze)
500g water
125g sugar
125g glycose
100g spruce shoots
Spinach for a greener color

Soak the gelatin
Bring water, sugar and glycose to a boil and put aside and add the gelatin. Allow to cool to 55 ° C and add the spruce shoots. Allow it to cool over night. Take the spruce shoots out and mix the syrup with spinach for greener color. Strain again and freeze / run in ice cream machine.

Blackcurrant roe
100g blackberry puree
1g agar agar
Ice cold oil

Boil the puree and strain.
Then cook again with agar agar
Dip the puree into cold oil.
Use a pipette or a caviar box to get small round fine roe balls.

Browned butter snow
100g butter
20g spruce shoots

Brown the butter along with the spruce shoots, strain.
Mix the butter with the maltodextrin to good consistency and taste.

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Björkdessert av Rhian Shellshare

Johan Heibert – fredag, juni 02, 2017

Dessert med Björk (in English below)


50g Björksav
50g biörkreduktion
100g äggula
50g smör
3g gelatin

- Blötlägg gelatinet
- Reducera björksaven till 118°C
- Tillsätt björksavsreduktionen och koka ner till 114°C
- Låt svalna till 84°C och vispa ner äggulan
- Kyl till 60°C och tillsätt gelatin och smör
- Kör i glassmaskin


200ml Björksav

- Reducera björksaven till 120°C
- Kyl och lägg i spritspåse för senare


200g Grön Rabarber
10g Björkblad
20g Spenat

- Kör allt genom en råsaftcentrifug


300g Gröna rabarber
6g loctus bean gum
30g socker
1g agar agar

- Kör rabarbern genom råsaftcentrifug
- Mixa loctus bean med socker och agar agar
- Tillsätt rabarberjuice och koka upp
- Spritsa små bollar och frys


½ ask björkskott

- Plast en tallrik med plastfilm / gladpack
- Lägg skotten på och lite olja
- Torka I mikrovågsugn på full effekt i 6minuter
- Torka på papper och spara

Birch Dessert

Birch Sap Curd

50g birch sap
50g birch reduction
100g egg yolk
50g butter
3g gelatin

- Soak gelatin
- Reduce birch sap to 118oC
- Add birch reduction to birch sap reduced to 114oC
- Put together sap and reduction and bring to the boil
- Pour over egg yolks and cook out to 84oC
- Cool to 60oC and blend in butter and gelatin
- Place into a ice cream machine and freeze

Birch Reduction

200ml Birch sap

- Reduce birch sap to 120oC
- Cool and place into a piping bag and reserve

Rhubarb Juice

200g Green Rhubarb
10g Birch Leaves
20g Spinach

- Juice everything together

Rhubarb Balls

300g Green Rhubarb
6g loctus bean gum
30g sugar
1g agar agar

- Juice green rhubarb
- Mix together loctus bean with sugar and agar
- Add to rhubarb juice and bring to the boil
- Pipe into the pearl mould and freeze

Birch Tips

½ box of birch tips

- Place glad wrap on a plate
- Place birch leafs on the plastic with a little bit of oil
- Dry in the microwave at full power for 6minutes
- Place on paper towel and dry ,reserve.


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Sommar dessert av Daniel Windelhed

Johan Heibert – måndag, maj 29, 2017
Rabarber, rosé och jordgubbar

RECEPT (Recipe in English is further down):
Rabarber bavaroise:

260g Rabarberpuré
50g socker
80g äggula
2 1/2 gelatinblad (brons)
250g löst vispad grädde

1, Blötlägg gelatin.
2, Koka upp puré, gula och socker till första bubblan. Viktigt att röra om hela tiden.
3, Sila av och tillsätt sedan gelatinet
4, Kyl ner i vattenbad till ca 30 grader
5, Blanda ihop med den löst vispade grädden.
6, Spritsa i formen (silikomart stone) och ställ i frys över natten.
7, Dagen efter ploppar du ur bavaroise ur formen och glaserar.

100g vatten
150g socker
150g glykos
108g kondenserad mjölk
10g gelatin
163g vit choklad

1, Blötlägg gelatin.
2, Kolla upp vatten socker glykos tills sockret smällt.
3, Ta bort från värmen och tillsätt gelatin.
4, Tillsätt sedan kondenserad mjölk
5, Häll sedan den varma blandningen över chokladen och mixa med stavmixer.
6, Färga efter tycke
7, Glazen ska vara ca 30 grader vid användning

60g äggula
75g socker
90g äggvita
35g vetemjöl
1 vaniljstång

Blanda alla ingredienser och skrapa i fröna från vaniljstången. Häll upp i sifon och ladda med 2 st patroner. Skaka om och låt vila i kyl under natten. Fyll engångsmuggar i papp till hälften. Kör på full effekt i mikrovågsugnen i 45 sekunder.

Havre crumble:
100g mjöl
100g smör
100g socker
100g havregryn

1, Blanda allt tills det precis gått ihop
2, Lägg ut på en plåt med silikonmatta
3, Baka av på 180 grader tills det fått en fin brun färg.
4, Låt svalna och förvara i burk tills användning.

300g rosévin
2g lecetin

Blanda ihop och använd stavmixer tills skum uppstår

100g rosévin
100g socker
1 vaniljstång
35g glykos
3g pektin
0,5g citronsyra

1, Blanda Pektin med lite av sockret
2, Koka upp rosévinet med fröna från vaniljstången
3, Tillsätt pektinblandningen och koka upp igen.
4, Tillsätt halva sockermängden och koka upp igen.
5, Tillsätt resten av sockret och koka upp igen.
6, Tillsätt glykosen och koka upp till 105 grader.
7, Blanda i citronsyra som är upplöst i lite rosévin.
8, Gjut i form (silikonform mini ring)

225g jordgubbspuré
200g sockerlag
1 st gelatinblad
Pressad citronsaft

1, blötlägg gelatinbladet
2, koka upp övriga ingredienser
3, mixa ner gelatinbladet
4, frys i bägare
5, kör i glassmaskin

Tallrik: White Stucco

Rhubarb bavaroise:

260g rhubarb puree
50g sugar
80g egg yolk
2 1/2 gelatin leaf (bronze)
250g loose whipped cream

1, soak gelatin.
2, heat puree, egg yolk and sugar to the first bubble. Important to keep stirring at all the time.
3, strain and then add the gelatin
4, cool in water bath to about 30 degrees
5, Mix with the loosely whipped cream.
6, Sprits in the mold (Silikomart stone) and place in the freezer overnight.
7, the next day you plop the bavaroise out of shape and glaze.

100g water
150g sugar
150g glycose
108g condensed milk
10g gelatin
163g white chocolate

1, soak gelatin.
2, heat the water sugar glycose until the sugar melted.
3, Remove from heat and add gelatin.
4, then add condensed milk
5, then pour the hot mixture over the chocolate and mix with rod mixer.
6, add Color
7, The glaze should be about 30 degrees when used

Vanilla sponge:
60g egg yolk
75g sugar
90g egg white
35g flour
1 vanilla pod

Mix all the ingredients and scrape in the seeds from the vanilla pod. Pour into siphon and charge with 2 cream chargers. Shake and leave to cool overnight. Fill disposable cups to 50%. On full power, microwave them for 45 seconds.

Oat crumble:
100g flour
100g butter
100g sugar
100g oatmeal

1, mix all until it has just clogged
2, Lay on a plate with silicone mat
3, Bake at 180 degrees until it has a nice brown color.
4, allow to cool and store in a jar until use.

Rosé wine Foam:
300g rosé wine
2g lecetin

Mix together and use rod blends until foam occurs

Rosé wine Marmalade:
100g rosé wine
100g sugar
1 vanilla pod
35g glycose
3g pectin
0.5g citric acid

1, mix pectin with some of the sugar
2, Boil the rosé wine with the seeds from the vanilla pod
3, Add the pectin mixture and cook again.
4, add half the amount of sugar and cook again.
5, Add the rest of the sugar and cook again.
6, add the glycose and cook to 105 degrees.
7, Mix in citric acid that is dissolved in some rosé wine.
8, Mold shape (mini ring)

strawberry Sorbet

225g strawberry puree
200g syrup
1 gelatin leaf
Lemon juice

1, soak the gelatin leaf
2, boil the other ingredients
3, mix the gelatin sheet
4, freezer in jar
5, mix in an ice cream machine

Plate: White Stucco

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Yoghurtsorbet med vitchokladskum, hallon- & rabarberpärlor

Johan Heibert – tisdag, maj 16, 2017
Yoghurtsorbet med vitchokladskum, hallon- & rabarberpärlor
av Christoffer Magnusson Domeij


Matlagningsyoghurt 1000 g
Florsocker 280 g
Grädde 150 g
Gelatinblad ½ st

Blötlägg gelatinbladet i kallt vatten 5-10 min. Värm upp lite av grädden och smält gelatinet i grädden. Rör samman alla ingredienser och kör i glassmaskin.

Mjölk 500 g
Gelatinblad 3 st
Vitchoklad 300 g

Blötlägg gelatinbladet i kallt vatten 5-10 min. Koka upp mjölken och häll det över den vita chokladen som är pellets eller hackad. Mixa slätt med stavmixer. Mixa i gelatinbladet. Låt allt svalna till 3 grader. Fyll en sifon och ladda med två patroner, skaka och servera.

Hallon- & rabarberpärlor:
Hallonpuré 500 g
rabarberpuré 500 g
socker 200 g
agar agar 8 g
Citronjuice 60 g

Koka puréerna var för sig tillsammans med hälften ingredienserna i varje kastrull under omrörning i ca 5 minuter. Fyll pärlformarna medan det är varmt med hjälp av en nappflaska. Låt svalna i rumstemperatur, frys sedan pärlorna tills dom är helt frysta (6-8 tim). Tryck ut pärlorna i en skål och skeda upp på sorbeten.

Lycka till! / Christoffer Magnusson Domeij

Christoffer driver hemmakrogen The Nutmeg House i Västerås (Reportage från vårt besök kommer snart upp). Han jobbar även som konsult för olika restauranger och kör även catering. christoffersmat.se, instagram: @christoffersmat

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