Sourdough by Rhian Shellshear

Johan Heibert - måndag, november 27, 2017
Sourdough Dessert

Sourdough Ice Cream:

20g sourdough
300g milk
150g cream
100g apple fermented
30g sugar
70g glucose
3g salt


- Roast sourdough until golden brown and blend
- Add everything together in a pot and bring to a simmer
- Blend everything in a blender and strain
- Place in a ice cream churner and mix until set
- Place into rectangular mould and freeze

Sourdough Cream:

150g yoghurt
300g cream
75g icing sugar
20g sourdough
3g gelatin
4g salt


- Roast sourdough until golden brown and blend
- Bloom gelatin
- Put a little bit of the cream and bloomed gelatin in a pot and melt
- Whisk everything together until stiff peak
- Place into rectangular mould and freeze
- Store remainder in a piping bag

Pan Fried Sourdough:

¼ loaf of sourdough
100g butter


- Blend frozen loaf in a blender to a crumb
- Pan fry bread crumb in butter
- Once golden, strain and dry on paper towel
Apple Ferment

6 apples
80g sugar


- Juice 4 apples and strain apple juice through a cheese cloth
- Cut up remaining apples and store in apple juice
- Add sugar and hold in a glass container
- Allow to ferment at room temperature 30oC for 3 weeks

Apple Ferment Gel:

250g apple fermented liquid
50g water
4 agar agar
30ml apple vinegar (to blend to gel)


- Boil water and agar agar
- Pour and blend together with apple liquid
- Allow to cool in the fridge
- Blend again once set and store in a squeeze bottle

Grilled Apple:

6 pc grilled apple
100ml apple ferment liquid
20g brown butter
2g salt


- Peel apples and grill on charcoal grill
- Place liquids and apple in a vac-pac bag and vac on full
- Resereve in the fridge for a few hours before using

Fresh Tarragon:

1 Tarragon bunch


- Pick and clean tarragon and reserve in a container


- Place crumb on the bottom side of the ice cream
- Slice then heat up the apple in the oven
- De-mould and place ice cream on the plate
- Place warm apple in the center
- De-mould cream and place on the corner of the ice cream
- Pipe small dots of gel and cream
- Place tarragon randomly around

Mould used: Insert decor Square
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