autumn currents

Johan Heibert – torsdag, augusti 31, 2017
Rhian Shellshears
autumn currents

Black Current Leaf Sorbet:

100g black current leaf syrup
300g water
50g glucose
20g spinach
10g black current leafs

- Blend everything in a thermo at 60oC for 5 mins
- Strain and place in ice cream machine and churn until set
- Place into small sphere mould and freeze

Yoghurt Mousse:

300g yoghurt
50g egg white
50g glucose
50g sugar
20g water
300g cream
4.5g gelatin

- Soak gelatin
- Whip cream to soft peak
- Place egg whites in mixer
- Cook sugar’s together with water to 118oC
- Pour it over whipping egg whites until stiff
- Add melted gelatin to yoghurt
- Fold in meringue into yoghurt then fold in cream
- Fill mould with yoghurt mousse then place in sorbet from mould

Yoghurt Crumble:

150g yoghurt
40g black current puree

- Cook yoghurt on stove top until all liquid is gone
- Add puree and cook again until dry
- Dehydrate in dehydrator at 60oC
- Blend into a powder and reserve

Yoghurt Chips:

200g yoghurt
20g black current puree
40g sugar
2g agar agar

- Bring yoghurt on stove top with puree, sugar and agar to the boil
- Spread out on silpats and dry in the at 62oC over night
- Place in a container and reserve

Fresh Black Current:

100g Picked fresh black currents

- Pick black currents and reserve

Black Current Leaf Powder:

10g black current leaf

- Dry leafs and blend into a powder
- Reserve powder

Black Current Oil:

30g black current leaf
10g spinach
150g oil

- Place everything in thermo mixer and blend at 60oC for 5 minutes
- Strain and place in freezer until solids are frozen on the bottom
- Strain and reserve oil

Montage –
- Place a small amount of yoghurt crumble of the plate
- De-mould the sphere and place on a frozen tray
- Mould yoghurt sheets around the sphere by hand so the break into small shards around the mould
- Place the moulded sphere onto the yoghurt
- Place black currents onto the yoghurt sphere
- Drizzle oil around mould
- Dust with black current leaf powder

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Sour Cream and Honey av Rhian Shellshear

Johan Heibert – fredag, augusti 18, 2017

Sour Cream and Honey

Sour Cream and Fresh Cheese:

Fresh Cheese 250g
Sour Cream 500g
250g Sugar Syrup
4.5g Gelatin

Sugar Syrup –
Sugar 150g
Glucose 50g
Whey 100g


- Make sugar syrup and reserve
- Heat the required amount of sugar syrup and melt gelatin
- Blend everything together and churn in a ice cream machine
- Place in the mould and freeze

Violet Caramel:

Honey 120g
Violet Cream 80g (violets frozen in cream)
Milk 20g
Butter 80g
Bi-carb Soda 1g


- Bring honey to 190oC
- Add bi-carb soda
- De-glaze with cream and milk
- Slowly add butter
- Bring to 110oC
- Allow to cool and reserve in a piping bag

Honey Comb:

Honey 37.5g
Glucose 60g
Sugar 200g
Water 50g
Bi-Carb Soda 2g


- Place everything except the bi-carb in a pot and bring to 190oC
- Add bi-carb and stir a few times with the whisk
- Pour into a cardboard box lined with baking paper
- Once cooled slice into thin slices

Fresh Herbs and Condiments:

5g Spanish Chervil
25g Fennel
2g Bee Pollen
2g Wild Violet


- Peel Fennel and slice
- Pick Violets and Chervil and reserve
- Reserve bee pollen


- Pipe caramel on plate
- Place bee pollen on the plate
- De-mould the ice cream and place on top
- Place fresh herbs and honey comb on the ice cream


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