Fermented berries and Cream Cheese

Johan Heibert – måndag, december 18, 2017

Cream Cheese Foam:

375g of cream cheese
75g cream
25g sugar
17.5g tapioca starch
45g egg yolk
20ml lemon thyme vinegar


- Cook cream cheese, cream, sugar and tapioca together until it boils
- Pour over egg yolks and cook out to 82oC add vinegar after and mix
- Place into a syphon
- Charge with two cream chargers
- Keep warm in a water bath at 40oC

Strawberry Gel:

200g fermented strawberry
200g strawberry juice
100g sugar
4.5g agar agar


- Mix sugar with agar agar and whisk into liquids
- Bring to the boil
- Pour onto a flat surface no thicker than 2mm, allow to set then cut with a biscuit cutter
- Reserve in the fridge

Strawberry Powder

50g dried strawberry


- Blend dried strawberry’s into a powder

Berry Ice Cream:

100g strawberry juice
100g fermented strawberry
100g fermented red currents
50g glucose
25g cream
25g raspberry cream


- Place everything together into a pot
- Bring to the boil and stick blend to emulsify properly
- Place into pac jet containers and freeze
- Churn after frozen
- Spread into mould and freeze again
- De-mould and reserve

Buckwheat Crumb:

50g buckwheat
50g flour
50g sugar
50g butter


- Mix sugar and butter together until combined
- Add buckwheat flour and flour and mix until a small crumble is formed
- Bake at 180oC for 8 mins until golden brown

Fresh Lemon Thyme

1 stalk fresh lemon thyme


- Pick and reserve


- Place crumble in a biscuit cutter same size as the mould on the plate
- Place the de-moulded ice cream on top of the crumble
- Place gel on top of the ice cream
- Dust with strawberry powder
- Pipe cream cheese foam in the center
- Place picked lemon thyme on top

Mould used: Insert Decor Round


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